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A catch-all phrase for trading activities that involve the purchase (or sale) of a large number of stocks. The term commonly includes computer-aided stock market buying or selling programs, portfolio insurance, and index arbitrage.

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Understanding how two assets are correlated, or not (non-correlated), is important to creating a diversified investment strategy. Diversification is the primary tool to manage your overall portfolio risk. Creating a diversified portfolio requires selecting investments that have low correlations to each other. After all, investing in assets that historically have moved together (highly correlated) is almost the same as investing in just one security, or putting all your eggs in one basket, a major no-no in investing.

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The value of an individual stock is set by markets, where buying and selling causes a stock s price to fluctuate throughout the trading day and over time. An investment in stocks can make money in two main ways:

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Asset allocation is the critical first step in the overall investment process, because different asset classes have different risk and reward profiles (some more volatile/potentially higher returns, some more stable/typically lower returns). Some studies have shown that asset allocation can be the single biggest driver of a portfolio s returns. So rather than focusing on individual stock selection, for instance, first take a step back and consider how you want to divide your investments among the various asset classes.

Liquidating an existing long or short futures or options position with an equal and opposite transaction. Also called offsetting.

The key to diversification is to invest in non-correlated assets, meaning investments that are less likely to move in the same direction at the same time. Learn more about correlation.

Calls for margin are usually expected to be paid and received on the same day. If not, the broker has the right to close sufficient positions to meet the amount called by way of margin. After the position is closed-out the client is liable for any resulting deficit in the client&rsquo s account.

Stock market volatility became a tradable part of the financial investments landscape in March 7559, with introduction of futures on the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, at the CBOE Futures Exchange. Developed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 6998, VIX measures market expectations of near-term volatility conveyed by stock index option prices.

Use ETFs to build a diversified investment portfolio that fits your investment goals, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. Start by settling on an asset allocation strategy, deciding how much to invest in various asset classes. Aim for further diversification within each asset class by selecting ETFs that have low correlations. Be sure to spend some time researching the ETFs you are considering by looking at the fact sheets provided on the issuers web sites. Make sure you fully understand what the ETF is investing in, what its benchmark index is, and how its expenses compare to other investment options. To learn more, see what to look for in an ETF.

7. State whether this order is a Buy or Sell. Broker&rsquo s order ticket is divided in two halves one side is for buy orders and one side is for sell orders. Until the Broker knows what side to write your instruction on, he cannot take your order. Renesource Capital recommends that you repeat this part of the order to ensure complete agreement on this point by both of you.


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